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AP Government Review #2B: Constitutional Foundations of the United States Government 

Alright, let’s get more into federalism! In my last post, I covered what federalism is and its role during the creation of the Constitution. However, there’s a lot more to it than that! So, let’s get going.

Why is Federalism a part of the first portion? Federalism is the foundation of our Constitution. Understanding federalism is key in understanding the US Government.

Key Terms:

  1. Federalism: the idea of a federal organization of more or less self-governing units
  2. Devolution Revolution: In federalism, it’s the act of transferring Federal level operations such as healthcare, over to the states, giving the states more power
  3. Federal Mandate: A federal law or act compelling State to take certain actions sometimes without providing funding
  4. Concurrent Powers: : are held by both the states and the federal government and may be exercised simultaneously within the same territory and in relation to the same body of citizens
  5. Interstate Compact: an agreement between two or more states of the United States of America
  6. National Supremacy: Constitutional doctrine that whenever conflict occurs between the constitutionality authorized actions of the national government and those of the state//local government, the actions of the federal government will prevail 
  7. Preemption: : refers to the invalidation of a US state law when it conflicts with Federal law
  8. Centralists: people in favor of national action over state//local levels
  9. Decentralists: people in favor of state//local action over national levels
  10. States’ Rights: powers expressly or implicitly reserved to the states
  11. Direct Orders: techniques of Congress to establish federal regulations; direct orders must be complied with under threat of criminal or civil sanction
  12. Linkage Institutions: the means by which individuals can express preferences regarding the development of public policy 

What You Need to Know: 

Types of Federalism:

Types of Powers:

Types of Clauses:

Types of Grants:

Federal Vs. State Government:

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