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AP Government Review #3: Beliefs and Behaviors about Government  

Key Terms:

  1. Opinion: a specific view about a particular issue/event/candidate
  2. Political Culture: a set of widely shared political beliefs and values; America, in particular, is characterized by a love of legal and political equality, limited government, and individual liberties. 
  3. Political Efficacy: the belief that one’s political participation makes a difference
  4. Political Ideology: beliefs on politics, public policy, and the role of government
  5. Political Opinion: attitudes about institutions, leaders, political issues, and events 
  6. Political Socialization: how political values are formed and passed on; the family is most responsible for political socialization
  7. Split-Ticket Voting:b voting for candidates of different parties for different offices in the same election; recent years shows an upward trend of split-ticket voting due to an increase in independents
  8. Values and Beliefs: ideals that make up a person’s political opinions

What You Need to Know:

America’s Beliefs:

How Political Socialization Occurs:

 What Political Ideology is:

How Public Opinion is Measured:

Voting Rights: (AKA Know Your Damn Amendments):

What Affects How Many People Actually Vote:

Why People Don’t Vote:

Okay. That’s it for now! I’ll be covering political parties next! If you have any questions about this review or any of my others, feel free to message me!

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