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AP Government Review #5A: Institutions of National Government- Congress 

This is 35-45% of the exam (that’s why I’m breaking it up into multiple posts)!

Key Terms:

  1. Cloture: Senate; motion to end a filibuster; requires a 3/5 vote
  2. Conference Committee: temporary committee that is formed to resolve differences between the bills of the HoR and Senate
  3. Congressional Redistricting: reallocation of the number of representatives each state has in the HoR (Reapportionment)
  4. Delegate Role of Representation: when members of Congress cast votes based on the wishes of their constituents
  5. Filibuster: Senate; delays or prevents action on a bill b using long speeches or unlimited debate to “talk a bill to death”
  6. Franking Privilege: right of members of Congress to mail newsletters to their constituents at the government’s expense
  7. Gerrymandering: legislative process by which the majority party in each state legislature redraws congressional districts to ensure the maximum number of seats for its candidates
  8. House Rules Committee: only in the HoR; sets guidelines for floor debate by giving each bill a rule that places the bill on the legislative calendar, limiting debate time, and determining what type of amendments will be allowed
  9. House Ways and Means Committee: HoR committee that handles tax bills
  10. Incumbent: officeholder who seeks reelection
  11. Logrolling: tactics of mutual aid and vote trading among legislation
  12. Oversight: congressional review of the activities of an executive agency, department, or office
  13. Seniority: unwritten rule in both houses of Congress, which reserves committee chairs to members of the committee with the longest record of continuous service
  14. Standing Committee: permanent subject-matter congressional committee that handles legislation and oversees the bureaucracy


House of Representatives v. Senate:

Why Incumbents Normally Win:


How Bills are Made:

Floor Action:

Congress and the Executive Branch:

Congress and Foreign Policy:

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