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AP Government Review #6: Public Policy 

This is 5-15% of your exam![

Key Terms:

  1. Amicus Curiae Brief: "friend of the court" brief is filed by interested persons and groups (most notably interest groups) that are not actual parties to the case (as they don’t have a standing to sue)
  2. Balanced Budget: when expenditures equal revenues in a fiscal year
  3. Budget: financial plan for the use of money, personnel, and property
  4. Budget Defecit: when expenditures exceed revenues in a discal year
  5. Entitlement Program: government-sponsored program that provides mandated benefits to those who meet eligibility requirements
  6. Fiscal Policy: raising and lowering taxes/government spending programs; controlled by the executive and legislative branches
  7. Monetary Policy: involves regulating the money supply, which controls inflation and interest rates; controlled by the Federal Reserve Board
  8. Office of Management and Budget (OMB): responsible for preparing the budget, which the president sends to Congress
  9. Rule of Four: 4 justices must agree to hear the case 
  10. Writ of Certiorari: order by the Supreme Court to a lower court, directing it to send up the record in a given case for Supreme Court review

Federal Courts:

Types of Jurisdiction:

Types of Courts:

How Judges are Chosen:

How the Supreme Court Works:

Supreme Court Opinions:

Judicial Philosophy:


Federal Budget:

Types of Taxes:

Social Security:

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