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AP Government Review #7: Civil Rights and Liberties  

This is 5-15% of your exam! See Review #9 for more on Civil Liberties and Rights (since most of it has to do with knowing Supreme Court Cases). I would put the court cases again, but that’s kind of repetitive, and I’m tired. Therefore, study the court cases[: Honestly, civil rights and liberties is a pretty easy section of the exam if you know the major supreme court cases relating to them!

Key Terms: 

  1. Civil Liberties: legal and constitutional rights that protect individuals from arbitrary acts of government (think first amendment)
  2. Civil Rights: policies designed to protect people against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by government officials

Civil Liberties-

Rights of the Accused:

Civil Rights-

Affirmative Action: was started by Johnson in 1965 with the purpose of benefiting minorities and women; requires federal agencies, universities, and most employers to take positive steps to remedy the effects of past discrimination

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