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AP Government Review #10: Final Words and Best Wishes 

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I’m posting these so late in the night, but I was determined to get through them. Anyways, the exam is tomorrow at 8AM! Regardless of what coast you’re on, I suggest getting some sleep soon. 

Moreover, I want to remind you guys to bring #2 wooden pencils, black pens, a snack, and a water bottle tomorrow. You might also want to bring a watch if your school doesn’t have a very good clock/timing system. Additionally, if you have a cold testing room, dress in layers. It’s better to be comfortable than sweating or shivering. Wake up at a decent time, so you can have time to get ready, have breakfast, and make sure everything in your bag is packed and ready to go. Leave your cell phones in your car, at home, or completely turned off locked away in your bag somewhere. You’ve been working towards this day all year; don’t blow it by having your cell phone out! Your scores will be cancelled and the College Board can prevent you from taking future exams. 

Aside from the technical aspects, I want to tell you guys to stop studying. Really, get some sleep. It’ll do you loads more than cramming can. You’ve been in class all year (semester; self studying…okay you get the idea; it’s been a long time). You know the material. You just have to be calm, focused, and ready to go in the morning. Trust me, you know a lot more than you think you do! So, that’s it. Good luck tomorrow everyone! You’re going to do amazing.

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